The Surprising Power of Family Meals

ISBN-10: 1586421131

ISBN-13: 978-1586421137

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How Eating Together Makes Us Smarter, Stronger, Healthier and Happier

The Surprising Power of Family Meals is the first book to take a complete look at a ritual that was virtually universal a generation ago but has undergone a striking transformation. No longer honored by society as a time of day that must be set aside, some families see family supper as little more than a quaint relic. But others are beginning to recognize it as a lifeline — a way to connect with their loved ones on a regular basis and to get more enjoyment out of family life. The Surprising Power of Family Meals presents stories, studies, and arguments from the fields of psychology, education, nutrition, family therapy, anthropology, sociology, linguistics, and religion. It provides examples of families and communities around North America responding creatively to the pressures of a 24/7 world to share strategies for taking what is best from our past and transforming it to meet current needs.

Praise for The Surprising Power of Family Meals

“Thank you for writing this wonderful book!”

— Barbara Bush

“Children who grow up with a strong sense of family are likely to become solid, healthy adults. Sitting down together for supper – or any other occasion – is essential to family, and its importance cannot be overestimated.”

— Washington Post

“Weinstein does not look through rose-colored glasses. She acknowledges that single-parent households, dual-income families, extracurricular activities and peer pressure promote skipped meals and dashboard dining. She offers strategies for bringing back this simple but highly effective communion.”

— The Plain Dealer

“Thoughtful, meticulously researched…Weinstein offers small steps families can take to reinstitute this basic tradition.”

— Newsday