Miriam’s new book takes mourning out of the closet. Part memoir, part how-to, it ditches the sanctimony and gives us the help, and the laughs, that we actually need in times of mourning and grief. It explores such topics as how we keep our dead with us even as we learn to let them go; why we should not bring casseroles; how to write the Best Eulogy Ever. Sometimes funny, always deeply-felt, it helps us to find a place for those who remain important to us.

Her writing on parenting and grandparenting helps readers get the most out of family life. She is focused on making meaning, having fun, and finding the growth point, no matter what your chronological age.

Her grandparenting blog is about keeping your heart open and your back from going out. She showcases ordinary grandmothers who do extraordinary things.

Her books on family meals as well as Yiddish are standards in their fields.