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Grandma Goes to Butterflyland

Why on earth was I surprised? My own grandmother had a bracelet with a dangling charm for each of her grandchildren. But clearly, I have not  kept up with the changes in the grandma jewelry market.

These days — so many choices! Necklaces, bracelets, pendants; all manner of charms and dangles. You can include photos or birthstones, not to mention using Grandma’s special name. (Nana or Mimi come standard with some companies; personalization is always an option.)

I was caught off guard when I read the ad from the company that touted its appearance on the Today Show, offering photo engraved dog tags. “It’s time to show Grandma you care, with a gift that is uniquely hers.”

But then I realized — by photo dog tags, they did not mean tags for actual dogs. They meant necklaces made in the shape of the old “dog tag” i.d.

But now I am worrying: am I a bad grandmother because I don’t know the birthstones of any of my grandchildren?

Maybe the most weird option is a butterfly-shaped pendant that says, “Now she flies with butterflies,” which I assume is about a grandmother who is dead. Who would wear that one? Or is the idea to order it quickly and slip it in Grandma’s coffin before she flies off to Butterflyland? Luckily, expedited shipping is available.