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The Grandmother Food Challenge

marie_claire_diets_sh_4_0299_19sf1uj_19sf1ur_19sp69i-19sp6kl marie_claire_diets_sh_1_0074_19sf1uj_19sf1uo_19sp69i-19sp6kgA 20-something Australian journalist decided to spend a week eating the way her grandmother did in 1964: eggs and bacon for breakfast, white bread and baked beans for lunch; and, for dinner, meat, three veg (one always potato) and dessert.

At the end of the week, she was glad it was over. She was also down a kilo (2.2 pounds.)

What she learned: Her grandmother never snacked. She cooked and baked all her own food, ate smaller portions, and smoked.

And what did Grandma find when she spent a week trying sushi, red velvet cake, constant snacking, and mega-portions? “By the end of the week, I’m relieved to have finished,” she reported.
But she did enjoy the red velvet cake, which she added to her baking repertoire.