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Breaking News in the Style Section — Grandmothers as Flower Girls

Genevieve Leiper Photography
Genevieve Leiper Photography

Who knew that the concept even existed, let alone was a recognized style trend. But that uber-arbiter of approachable hip, the New York Times Style Section, has alerted us to the possibility of grannies walking down the aisle as bridesmaids or even flower girls.

And these are not the “young old” either. The sensibly-shod but formally-dressed women profiled in the Times range in age from their 70s to their mid 90s. And we thought that flower girls were supposed to be about fecundity!

You never know what a toddler will decide to do on that long walk under the eyes of strangers. But Grandma? She sort of defines known quantity.

As you might guess, the grandmothers chosen for this spotlight moment are women who have remained close to their granddaughters-the-brides. Other requirements? Flexibility in relationships and role shifts, as well as an ability to actually make it down the aisle.

Clearly, these women have produced granddaughters who think for themselves. As one of the brides who tapped her grandmother to be a bridesmaid said, “Who would be better than Nana to stand by my side, to protect me as she has dutifully done my whole life?”