A college degree at 94

Amy Craton began her college career with high hopes, in 1962. Unfortunately, a divorce and single parenthood forced her to drop out in order to support her four children. Fast forward (maybe not so fast) half a century. In 2013, she decided to finish the degree that she had begun.

By this time, the New Englander was living in Hawaii, far from her original college experience. She also knew that she would not be able to handle campus life at any school. But an online program at Southern New Hampshire University seemed like a good fit.  She completed her major in creative writing and English with a 4.0 average.

“You have to live,” she said. “You have to learn as long as you can learn. It feels good to finish that part of my life. But I’m still on the road. I still have more to learn.”

So Craton is beginning the course work for her master’s degree.